How Ventilators Help in the Treatment of COVID-19

Ventilators are medical devices used to support breathing in patients with severe respiratory issues. When a person's lungs are unable to function properly due to an injury or illness, such as COVID-19, a ventilator can be used to pump air with additional oxygen into their airways. This helps them to breathe and can be life-saving in some cases. The process of using a ventilator involves the patient being seated and a tube being inserted into their trachea.

This is then connected to a machine that pumps oxygen into their lungs. For those with severe COVID-19 symptoms, this can be a crucial step in helping them to breathe and fight the virus. Ventilators are an important tool in the treatment of COVID-19, as they can help to save lives by providing oxygen to those who are unable to get enough on their own. They can also be used during surgery to support breathing.

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