What Size Do Furnace Filters Come In?

When it comes to furnace filters, size matters. Knowing the right size for your filter is essential for ensuring that your air is clean and your system is running efficiently. To find the right size filter for your furnace, you'll need to measure the length and width of the filter slot in your air cleaner. This measurement is known as the nominal size, and it's used to match the correct filter to your system.

To get started, measure the length and width of the filter slot in your air cleaner. If the filter isn't square, use the smallest measurement first. It's important to note that filters don't need to fit tightly in order to be effective, but they should be easy to install and uninstall. Once you have your nominal size, you can start shopping for a new filter.

On the home page of Filter King, select the product type (oven filters) and then select the nominal oven filter size (thickness) of your filter. Filter King offers hundreds of different filter sizes that can be used in various home systems, including your oven. It's important to make sure that you get a properly sized filter frame, as an improperly sized frame can cause air leaks and decrease filter effectiveness. The length, width and depth of a Filter King brand filter are printed in small numbers along the filter frame on the cardboard edge.

If you get a filter that's too small, it will loosen and some of the air (and dirt) won't pass through the air filter. The filter should be slightly smaller on each side of the filter housing slot, allowing you to slide it in and out with ease.

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